Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Grouse" Egg!

I took the girls out today for a Grouse hunt. I wanted to use this day to hunt new areas and I did flush 6 Grouse. That's where the "grouse/goose egg" comes in! I was surprised by the flushes and could not get a good read on their flights. Two of them then re-flushed from a tree. I was a thick area and I could get a good look at any of the birds. The girls did good. At times Mia ranged out a few times but she did a good job on her commands.

The second area I hit was a big disappointment. It look and felt "grousy" but I only found a few berries. Oh well, until the next time out. Sorry no pictures.


Andrew M. Wayment said...


Your latest hunt sounds like mine last saturday. I moved four birds, took one pot shot that I shouldn't have, and really had no other shot opportunities. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it seems impossible, but it is always good to get out with your bird dogs. Better luck for both of us next time.


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Hi Matt...

Thanks for the comments on my blog!

Sorry to hear about the corneal ulcer! I'll have to teach you how to look under the 3rd eye lid! Get some proparacaine from your vet...or I can help you get it...it numbs the eye so that you can touch their eye without causing to much discomfort!

You can email me anytime @ birddogdoc@hotmail.com

Good Grousing!