Sunday, October 5, 2008

One great day of hunting with a bad day of shooting mixed in.

My buddy Adam and I went out for what most likely will be my last Blue Grouse hunt of the year. With the "mountain" to ourselves we headed in search of some new cover that might hold some grouse. The new cover didn't produce a single bird so we decided to head over to an area that produced birds in the past. That covert produced birds but my piss poor shooting didn't help put any in the bag. We'll just blame it the new gun syndrome! We flushed 6 and 5 of those were flushed by my Mia within 7 yards of the gun. You can't blame her, she did her part.

Looks like a coyote can hunt better than me!

Bear and Coyote prints.

Adam, looking for grouse!
Til next time.

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Dual Setters said...

Enjoyed your blog.
Hope you dont mind if I add you to my blogroll.