Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving bought us to the duck blind with hunting cohort Adam. It was a tough start to say the least. My body needed a little more time to recover from the over indulgence of our celebration. Oh well, life is short and the birds won't wait for us!
The action was hot and heavy. As soon as legal shooting time came so did the ducks.
"the sky was black with'em" as legend would say
The initial rush of ducks was almost overwhelming. Which flock, which duck...they were everywhere. It was a good day in the blind. The action brought plenty of good and bad shooting. In the end we scratched down 5 mallards, 2 drakes and 3 suzy's.

til next time.....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Solo Mission

The girls and I went out for a solo pheasant hunt today. All the usual suspects bailed out yesterday and I decided to go it alone. 435 miles later I returned with a limit of Ringnecks.

The hunt was almost over before it started, I was actually thankful to miss on the first three birds Mia flushed. All were well within range and all should have been in the bag before 7am but my poor shooting ability extended the hunt.
Mia was outstanding ! All day long every bird that took flight in front of us flushed well within gun range after she sorted out the scent and flushed the birds hard! Her nose and tracking ability were on today despite the very poor scenting conditions. The temperature reached 65 right after I finished my hunt at 1pm.

Here's Mia retrieving bird #2

Sorry dad it's not to hand because I'm hot and have a few feathers in my mouth...

My hero shot

til next time.......

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Time Pheasant Hunter

My brother-in-law Pete and I took his son Ben out for his first pheasant hunting experience. We had a blast taking Ben out and hunted hard to put a few birds in the bag for him. For an 8 year old he certainly kept up with his dad and uncle. I was proud of him and I'm sure his dad is still smiling!

The day started out slow with the birds being a little sensitive and flushing wild. After the winds picked up the roosters finally started holding and flushing within range. Mia put the work load of the day on her back. For the most part she hunted great, only a few times did she range out there. She worked hard to find birds for Ben.
A few pictures form the day...

Til next time....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our 2008 Colorado Pheasant Opener

Another year brings another Pheasant season. Getting out and chasing roosters has always been one of my favorites. It's something about getting out on there on the flat land and hunting hard!

In eastern Colorado pheasants are there but you definitely have to work for them!

Mia hunted hard and had a great day and a bad day all mixed into one. She made finds on all three birds we put in the bag. Working the scent cone with a good tenacity and a great hard flush within range of the gun....what she's trained to do! But when she was hunting her range was too far but she has never bumped/flushed a bird out of range. This is something I've been dealing with her for the past few years. Most of this is me and not her. If I would only extend my training into the field I could continue her progress. But I know with more training (for me) I will avoid this with Abby. Abby had a good day, I only put her on the ground a few times and won't gun over until she progresses with her training.

The sun coming up on a new season!

Me and the girls with the day's bounty.

I'll be out hitting the fields hard in the next few weeks and will follow up with more reports.

Til next time.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Quick Break from the Birds

I was able to make it up to our annual Colorado Deer Camp yesterday. The deer opener was on Saturday and the reports that came down from camp was that the hunting was slow. Deer and Elk were seen but never in the right location. The high winds didn't make it any easier. My brother was able to fill his tag before the drive back to NY. It's a great 5x4 buck with 26 inch spread and 18 inch height. We had to pack it out 2 miles. Someone owes us a beer or two.

The long pack out.

The tired crew after the pack.
Back to birds...the Colorado Pheasant opener is Saturday!