Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Solo Mission

The girls and I went out for a solo pheasant hunt today. All the usual suspects bailed out yesterday and I decided to go it alone. 435 miles later I returned with a limit of Ringnecks.

The hunt was almost over before it started, I was actually thankful to miss on the first three birds Mia flushed. All were well within range and all should have been in the bag before 7am but my poor shooting ability extended the hunt.
Mia was outstanding ! All day long every bird that took flight in front of us flushed well within gun range after she sorted out the scent and flushed the birds hard! Her nose and tracking ability were on today despite the very poor scenting conditions. The temperature reached 65 right after I finished my hunt at 1pm.

Here's Mia retrieving bird #2

Sorry dad it's not to hand because I'm hot and have a few feathers in my mouth...

My hero shot

til next time.......


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Way to go Matt!

Aren't those days with just you and your dogs going it alone in the uplands special?!?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Matt Ortiz said...


I try at least one a year and those are the hunts your really remember! Happy Turkey Day to you as well!