Monday, December 22, 2008

Sub Zero Pheasants

After working almost 3 straight weeks at 12-14 hours a day my body and mind were ready for a break. So I did what all good upland hunters would do for a break..............I went hunting! I scrapped up all the energy I had and headed east to our closest pheasant cover in Burlington, CO. It was a very cold morning and I didn't have a clue to how the birds would react. I thought it might be one of those days were all the birds busted out as soon as you stopped the truck. But luck would have it they held tight.....real tight!
-2 degrees as we started the hunt!
After the first gimme shot was missed I regained all credibility by downing a late breaking rooster. Mia made scent but I thought it might be left over scent from the first bird but I quickly remembered that you should always trust your gun dog as I pulled the trigger. After those first two flushes it was obvious that the cold was keeping the birds in their place.

For the next few hours we hit our usual coverts with great resolve and thoroughness. Most of our damage was done at my favorite section of CRP. The best part of the field is that it gets better as the season moves on and it's only starting to get warm. My brother in law Pete and I took 4 roosters before noon. We had a few more missed opportunities after lunch but could not connect. But that was just alright for us we had a great day afield. Mia once again proved her maturation as she worked every scent cone she could find. I was particularly fond of her range as she relaxed to the tight holding birds.It was nice to slow it down a bit!

Bundled up Ben.....
Til next time................


Tenacious T said...

Great looking dogs! I'm looking into getting a Springer myself.

Reading about your hunts makes me even more anxious.

Matt Ortiz said...

They are great dogs! From house to field to swamp,I'll take them with me anywhere.

Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...'s a four letter word! Don't let it get in the way of those days afield with your wonderful bird dogs!

Also...some day when you grow up, you'll come realize that quail hunting is for real men with dogs!

Happy Holidays! I still want to do dinner with you guys!


Matt Ortiz said...

I'm next week to chase some quail!!

Happy Holiday's!