Sunday, August 10, 2008


My brother-in-law, my nephew and I went scouting for some new "Dusky" Grouse coverts today. We did find some great cover and spotted a few birds. I'd say this was a successful trip. Even better than this was to hear that our opening day covert looked even better. One of my hunting buds went out today and saw over twenty birds!! I'm going nuts trying to keep focused for the next three weeks.
PS: I also have a new shotgun on the way: Ugartechea 12 ga 600 series, great condition at a very good price.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Almost two years ago I made a trip back to my hometown, Buffalo NY. I brought along my 1 1/4 yr old ESS Mia. She was a young pup that had only a few bird contacts under belt. Even though she was young I had great hopes in discovering birds in my old coverts. It was early October and the leaves were colorful but still thick as can be. Even though I had family obligations, my brothers wedding, I still made time for 4 trips afield three for Woodcock and one for grouse. My grouse adventure was unfortunately rained out but the skies prevailed for the days in the poplar and thickets. It was the first time in over ten yeas I was able to let a gun dog loose on those slow flying, easy shooting birds! I say that sarcastically because the birds were flying and so was the bird shot but one thing was missing, a bird in hand. Only one bird ended up in the bag, Mia's first wild bird flush and retrieve.

On that same trip we decided to team up the new young upstart Mia and the old veteran Kayla on a preserve hunt. It was great time but was the last hunt I had with our 15 year old ESS.

I will be making that same trip back home to Buffalo in October.
That will be the "trip" of the season!
I can't wait!