Sunday, January 4, 2009

Duck, Duck....Goose

My buddy Adam and I took along my brother-in-law Pete out to Adam's duck lease for morning hunt. After the last visit and hearing reports of duckless days my concerns were high that it might be another tough hunt.
It was a tough hunt but at least the ducks were flying. And the geese well lets just say it's the most geese I've seen in Colorado! We were mainly after ducks but we did have a few geese decoys in the spread so I thought we might have a chance at them. The chance did come in a pair that were fully committed to the spread. The only problem was that Adam was caught out of the blind and with out his gun! Don't Move!!! Pete and I connected on the same goose and the other escaped the quick volley. Mia quickly retrieved her second goose ever!

One of the best parts of this lease is the warm water slough that runs parallel to the river and is only a few hundred yards from the blind. This creates some jump shooting opportunities that usually produce a duck or two.

The first attempt fell short as we come up to far away from a flock of mallards. But the next attempt was successful as Pete downed a lone drake gadwall. The bird fell on the other side of the slough so Mia was brought over complete the blind retrieve. As we finished up the days hunt Adam and Pete made their way for one last jump. Adam quickly downed a double! A beautiful pair of wigeon lay out of reach on the opposite side of the slough. Mia again was brought in to retrieve this pair. She made quick work of the double blind retrieve to call it a day.
A few hero shots!!

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Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

Looks like you got yourself a cackler or an Aleutian goose there! They are real common here in California's Central Valley, but I am surprised to see a "small" Canada in Colorado -- either way, they are murder to pluck!

Matt Ortiz said...

To the best of my knowledge that goose was a lesser Canada, just on the small side. I've shot some Aleutian's here in the past, pretty uncommon but not unheard of. This bird will end up being in sausage, no need to pluck.

phillip ortiz said...

Pete looks cold!!

Matt Ortiz said...

You are right!The goose was an Aleutian. It had a very small white patch around a 1/4 of it's neck. I just didn't see it in the field.