Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Purchase

I purchased a new crate cover for the girls today and I must say that I'm very pleased.

I've had my eye on this crate cover for about a year now. I suppose I would have been happy with the old one until miss Abby decided to chew off a couple of key components, like the zipper.
I can see this purchase as a long lasting one. The investment was around a $100 or so but I'm glad I finally picked one up. A few details that I think will be use full are: carrying handles, o-rings that help to tie down the crate, pockets and extra pockets for gear and dummies. And the one detail that is above the rest is the fact that it is built to last. I'm sure this was designed for the waterfowl retrieving dog but I think my two FBESS's are going to like it just fine. And besides I only had to buy one because my two girls are small enough to fit into one crate!!

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Michael M. said...

Matt, that looks really useful and well built. I'm going to check out Mud River right away. Thanks for the inspiration.