Sunday, February 8, 2009

Paddy's our Daddy!!

These three ESS all have the same sire out of Tim DeGroff's kennel, High Prairie Farms Flushing Spaniels.

FC Larford Fragg (UK) "Paddy"
Paddy might be the best dog I have ever seen. From his nose to his retrieving ability, he has it all. Like all ESS's should be he is biddable to say the least. So it's no surprise that this fella is a popular stud.

South York's Mia Mi Amor "Mia"
FC Larford Fragg x Pine Shadows Thicket II
South York's Abigail's Abby Sue "Abby"
FC Larford Fragg x High Prairie's Aussie Girl "Kiwi"

Mollie the Rockstar is my brother Phil's dog
FC Larford Fragg x "Dixie" (full pedigree name to come)
til next time.........

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