Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wet a Line

I was finally able to "wet a line" today. Over eight years ago I was introduced to fly fishing by the way of the South Platte River at Deckers, CO. I got the fly fishing bug on that river. I was able to speed up the learning curve by heading there every chance I could. It was a great way to live in Colorado: young, single and plenty of time to fish!

The Hayman Fire of 2002 wiped out one of the most productive trout streams in Colorado. It has taken years for the river to come back to its former self.

It was nice to land a few fish even though the weather made it feel like it was January. Cold, wind and snow did not stop the blue wing olive hatch around 1pm. The fish boiled all afternoon long. Although I wasn't too productive on top of the water it was fun to cast to those rising trout.

It was fun to visit an old friend in the South Platte River today. The river is coming back, slowly, but it's coming.

til next time.......

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Andy W. said...

This is one of the best times of year to be out fishing. Glad you had a good time!