Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Time

Last week I was fortunate to enjoy the whole day of with my girls. With all that time on my hands I decided to get some much needed training done in the morning and a little fishing in the afternoon. A spring time "cast n blast" if you may.

Mia had a rough go at it on her runs. As I learn to train ESS's I'm also learning the art of planting birds. The first two pigeons Mia trapped and the next two flew off the nest. While it was a little frustrating that Mia didn't get her contacts I was able to work on her honoring to the shot. Abby has made some great progress over the past few months. She's a high octane dog that doesn't need much stimulus to get her going. One of a her quirks is a yip that comes out of excitement. I've been working on this fault by putting her on as many frozen planted birds as possible. While this maturation has been some what slow to progress it has strengthened her range, quartering and wind pattern. This is a great foundation for her to continue her progression to possible run in her first trial this fall. I have a lot more work to do with her but as long as we are having fun we'll continue this ride.

After the training was completed I ventured up to the Cache de la Poudre River. This was the first time I fished this free flowing river and it was the first time I ventured out with a fly rod in hand and two ESS's at my side! My first concern was the general safety of the girls and I didn't want to interfere with any other fishermen. Both concerns were quickly resolved as I found spot on the river away from the rode with no other fishermen in sight. The girls were intrigue by the whole process but they were good and I was able to land a few fish. Nymping was the call of the day and I landed a few small browns and a few nice rainbows.

til next time......

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