Monday, August 10, 2009


Yesterday a few friends and I took a scouting trip up to the area where we spend much of the fall chasing grouse, deer and elk. It was a productive trip in which we saw high grass, a decent crop of berries and few animals. Within ten minutes we saw a heard of 25 plus elk, a deer and a moose!! It was green as I have ever seen the Colorado Rockies. This area has seen a good amount of snow, spring and summer rain. It's only a few more weeks until we will be chasing the elusive Dusky Grouse!!!

Here are a few pictures from the trip.

This little guy (Pine Martin) was spotted and referred to as a "monkey" by my buddy Adam. I think he was having a safari flashback!!! He won't live that comment down any time soon!!!
This little draw is going to hold a few grouse!
I'll be it burning at both ends for the next few weeks to get Mia in shape and to continue the steady training with Abby.
til next time........

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