Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Injured Reserve

What a difference a couple of days make. A few days ago I was cleaning up from a very successful Labor Day Dusky Grouse hunt and making future plans to chase Duskies, Mountain Sharptails, Sage Grouse and Ptarmigan. Today, we took Mia to the Vet to look at her front right leg/shoulder that she was favoring. The diagnosis is a season ending shoulder injury that is similar to a torn rotator cuff. I'm crushed to say the least. Mia is my work horse and now she down and out for a few months. I won't rush her back but I'm now without a trained gun dog. Abby is still in the steadying process so I will now refocus my resources toward her so we can finish steadying her before the pheasant season in November. This is one tough pill to swallow because I had so many high hopes for this upland hunting season. I wanted to really get out and explore all the upland possibilities in Colorado. The Dusky Grouse season was already being called epic and I was going to have some time to chase some other species. Now it's all about getting Abby ready and making sure Mia heals up properly.


Eric G said...


I can't imagine much worse at the start of the season. Best of luck to you and your dogs.


Michael M. said...

Very sorry to read about Mia. She'll heal faster with extra ear scritches and belly rubs.

Andy W. said...


I'm sorry to hear about your star player. On a positive note, this could be a good chance to really focus on your pup and hone her natural abilities and skills. Make the most of it.