Monday, September 7, 2009


For the past three years, we have spent the Labor Day weekend with my sister and her family camping and hunting in Central Colorado. If you remember from previous posts that this is just an excuse to hunt Dusky Grouse. This year, we invited fellow friends and ESS enthusiasts Adis and Aida to join us on this trip. After packing up Saturday morning, we headed out to a general area that holds such names as: The Crossroads, Springer Ridge, The Shootout Draw, Grouse Camp,****Tree, ***** Creek, ********Rd and The Knob. After setting up camp we quickly learned that the birds were the reason we drove 2 1/2 hours as my BIL Pete came into camp with a grouse that flushed out as he took a ride on the ATV. As he went to flush the grouse 7 others flushed from the trail side cover. We then quickly assembled our gear and hit our favorite coverts in search of grouse.

After a steep climb Adis took his first Dusky Grouse that tried to sneak out the back door on us.

As we finished up the days hunt we counted 6 grouse in hand.
The sun going down the first day and we hope the second will be good as the first.
Dinner time.............

Down the road to the next hunt.

After meeting up with another friend, the four of us headed out to see if our luck would hold up.
Well it did, time after time that morning. Along the way to our first covert, we saw grouse traveling near and on the trails while on their way to their feeding grounds. The birds were spread out just enough for us to catch our breath after each flush.

Scott with his puppy, Elsie's, first grouse.

A brace of grouse to finish a great day in the uplands.

One tired springer!
On Sunday, we only hunted half a day but had a whole season of action. Good dog work, good shooting and a great day. In all, the four of us took 19 grouse in less than two days of hunting. It was a trip to remember as we saw a puppy jump into action and a hunter take his first grouse.
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Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Man...that looks like a good time! I had to be on call this weekend! Can't wait to get out this week! Good post and great photos

Andy W. said...

Man, I live for days like that! Here's to tomorrow!