Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Ready...again

I guess one of the best parts about living in the west is the extended upland season. It seems like it was many moons ago when I itched to see Sept 1 on the calender. That has come and gone and so has the hunts that followed. The elk and deer and are now table fare. But we have yet another upland opener...pheasants and quail. I'll be chasing pheasants this weekend and a few days until the new year. I'll have a greater opportunity after the new year to really to hit the coverts but for now Saturday is another opening day.

Mia from a few years back. 1/07

til next time.....


danontherock said...

I am going to start butchering my moose in a day or so and then back to bird hunting. We can hunt birds here until mid December if the weather doesn't shut us out. Hope you have a great pheasant /quail season

Phillip Ortiz said...

Mollie can't wait for her first CO hunt!