Sunday, November 15, 2009

Standing Corn

The 2009 CO pheasant opener has come and gone and I'm fine with that. The over anticipation was quickly flattened by the middle of our hunt on Saturday. Once I realized that all of the birds where going to or in the standing corn I knew we were in for a long hunt. The good news.....there are plenty of birds and I can't wait until January!! Actually the bird population is the best I've seen in CO. Overall the hunt was a great. The dogs worked hard to put the birds up so we could miss some cherry shots but it wouldn't be hunting if that didn't happen. We'll see if I can make it out later this week.

Snowy bird from Sunday's hunt
til next time.....


Andy W. said...

Glad someone is having success hunting those roughneck roosters!!!

Greyphase said...

Snow ??? What's snow ??? I've been hunting in near 60 degree weather all fall. Too hot in the mountains for this old greybeard :).