Monday, August 24, 2009

Pack Up and Go!

Nichole and I decided to go on a last minute camping trip. We packed up the gear, food and dogs and then hit the road. With only a faint destination in sight we headed to a general area that I thought might be fun to check out. While we set up camp right before dark I was already thinking what direction we would head in the morning.

The girls were making sure I was preparing a proper camp breakfast:
coffee and breakfast burritos!
Hahn's Peak
Maybe this park will hold a Colombian Mountain Sharptail or two?
The new upland bird getting machine!
We'll see this guy next Tuesday!
It was fun while it lasted, we were back at the house in 24 hrs. We put over 450 miles before we knew what hit us. I was able to check out a new part of the state and scout for some new mountain grouse hunting spots.
til next time........

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Season Ahead

As I sit here less than two weeks until the Dusky grouse opener on Sept 1st I wonder what the season ahead has in store for us. I know with careful planning I'll be able to get out to chase Duskies, Ptarmigan and maybe Sage Grouse before the Pheasant opener in November. I'm still in the midst of Abby's steady training. It's tedious work but it has to be done right. She's making progress but I have to balance her training with my desire to hunt all the while I start the "busy" season at work. It will be a balancing act like no other!!

Mia is pulling her hair out in anticipation of the upcoming season!

til next time.....

Monday, August 10, 2009


Yesterday a few friends and I took a scouting trip up to the area where we spend much of the fall chasing grouse, deer and elk. It was a productive trip in which we saw high grass, a decent crop of berries and few animals. Within ten minutes we saw a heard of 25 plus elk, a deer and a moose!! It was green as I have ever seen the Colorado Rockies. This area has seen a good amount of snow, spring and summer rain. It's only a few more weeks until we will be chasing the elusive Dusky Grouse!!!

Here are a few pictures from the trip.

This little guy (Pine Martin) was spotted and referred to as a "monkey" by my buddy Adam. I think he was having a safari flashback!!! He won't live that comment down any time soon!!!
This little draw is going to hold a few grouse!
I'll be it burning at both ends for the next few weeks to get Mia in shape and to continue the steady training with Abby.
til next time........