Saturday, June 26, 2010


So Nichole and I made a big, long awaited and bold move today. We decided that life was too short to sit in front of a TV so we got rid of our cable. All we have left are a crappy 12+ year old TV, a DVD player and our wireless Internet modem. So from here on in: books, rented movies and our computers are the entertainment. There's more to life and I have a laundry list a "to do's" around the house so now is the time. Then you add in the training and condition season for the dogs, the summer dry fly action, camping and just plain old living in Colorado! So I guess the question I have is why did it take so long?   And to boot, in two months the dogs and I will be salivating over the impending upland hunting and trialing season!!!

So to coin a phrase from the restaurant industry.....Cable is 86'd!! 


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Congrats Matt! Karen and I have done the same thing! Waaaahhhhhoooo...grouse season is coming!

Moe Birds said...

8 Years brother,... without TV..?!

You wont miss it after the first. Eliminating all that unnecessary BS is the geatest thing you can do IMO (second only to quiting your job and moving to Montana).

Congrats on finally realizing this..?!

Of course having a sweet gal to decide to do so too; must be nice...?
I did it cause I was flat broke intially, but wouldn't think of ever buying it again.

I read tons of books and still rent movies that I want to watch (recomend 'The Last Station').

Heck when folks complain about FOX or MSNBC being this or that...I dont even know what they're talkin bout..?

I like it that way.

Enjoy life without "the noise"..