Sunday, June 20, 2010


My wife Nichole and I have been big fans of camping whenever we get the chance to get out in our great state of Colorado. We try and find places within three hours of Denver. Our camping has evolved, and will continue to evolve, as we venture out in the back country. Starting with the "pre set" campsites we would always look forward to the trip until some sort of community camping turned the trip sour. Now we tend to explore areas in which we have never been and find the best campsite possible. Most of the time these campsites usually hold elk and deer hunters in the fall.  Who knows what's next, maybe a nice durable, convenient and versatile Jumping Jack Trailer to make the next step in our camping evolution. When we camp I always try to wet a line as much as Nichole and the dogs will let me. Usually that's just a few hours at the most but I was able to get some quality time on the water.

Camp site


High Mountain Lake
One of my all time favorite bumper stickers!!

I've never had good success fly fishing on lakes but this day I was able to land a few fish. Including this nice brown that put up a nice little fight.

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Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...


Looks like a sweet time!

Let's try to hook up this Summer so that I can take you to my favorite little greenback stream!

Anonymous said...

Nice--Other than when I was a small boy and fishing is what I did more of anything else with Gramps. Back then if your grandfather was an angler, that's what you did--a lot.
But, as a teenager, it all began with camping for me. I learned to appreciate my time in the woods and mountains and it brought me through a range of different pastimes, until I came full circle back to dogs, birds and a fly rod.
I hitchhiked from NH to San Francisco during the summer of '72 and camped in the mountains somewhere out from Denver. Maybe it was after a stop in Golden. Anyway, it was beautiful.
We didn't have digital cameras back then.
Nice pics.

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Looks like a great trip. Nothing better than coffee and a camp breakfast in the open morning air. Nice scenery!