Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finding the time to fit it all in

That's what I've been doing lately to fit in as much training as possible. Finding the time to fit in a few drills or to give Abby a good run whenever possible. Whether it be first thing in the morning, just before dark or anything in between. It's slow progress but it's progress on the foundation building while steadying  a spaniel....hup. Hup means up hup and she's learning that she has to hup whenever or where ever it may be.

We took some time on Monday to fit in a longer training session at a local dog park that was originally intended for training sporting dogs. Over time the original intention slowly went to the dog...walkers. I can go on and on about this one but I'll save it for another day.

After a few runs while working on the hup training we headed over to join the "walkers" and let the girls cool down in the water.

I was very impressed with Abby's delivery to hand while retrieving in the water. She previously would drop the dummy to shake off the water. But now the "hold" command is teaching her to hold the dummy and eventually the bird until I say "give". It's amazing how tennis balls can screw up a dogs retrieving and delivery. But like I said before I can spend a few hours on that one but at least I now know better.
We were back on the training grounds on Wednesday morning and after we put our work in for the day I decided to put some much needed time on the water.
Before I knew it I was on the cool water in Cheesman Canyon. I made the trip with a few long time fish buddies Adam, his dad Denny and Matt. I would call the 5 hours that we fished there more quality and quantity!!!

It was big fish Wednesday!!!

I caught and landed my personal best Colorado trout.
A 4 llb (at least) Cutbow

A nice Rainbow caught by Matt

Adam even horsed in a few nice Rainbows!!!

Great day to fit it all in!

til next time....


Anonymous said...

That is fly fishing heaven!
How close is that to Denver?
You guys are lucky as all get out.
I'm still trying to get my wife interested in moving out west. Awesome pictures.

Moe Birds said...

That first cutbow pic looks like a fake fish??...Its simply too beautiful to be real?!


- Great HUP pic above it too!

...Never heard of 'tennis balls being problem before', or experienced it with my GSP;...heck if I stop that game in the off-season, she'll disown me?LOL


Matt Ortiz said...

Parker,I can be on that water in less than two hours from my house. That's the good part, the bad park so can half of Denver!

My pups would mouth the tennis balls and that would then pass over to mouthing the birds. Then Abby started dropping the tennis ball about ten feet away and let the ball roll in. So her delivery was getting messed up. Since I'm going to trial her it's not a good idea to have a hard mouthed springer that drops the bird ten feet away! But my older dog Mia is my "meat dog" and she can do that just as long as she puts the birds in the air!!

thanks for stopping by!!

Anonymous said...

Half of Denver sounds depressing.
Although I'd like my daughter being in that half.
It would be nice to see her get into fly fishing.
She's in Denver this summer taking a break from Breck where she lives and works in the season.
Julie has a friend named Scott who guides for 'Mountain Angler', but hasn't caught on yet.
I'm hoping to get out there for a visit and see if maybe...

Anonymous said...

You are way too young to appreciate such good music.
You must have been raised good!
Sweet selection--I stop by and sometimes keep it running.