Monday, July 5, 2010

The 4th

We decided last year that this 4th of July we were not going to host our annual pig/lamb roast. So instead we decided to go camping. Throw in my sister's family and a good friends family and we have a crew.

We ventured up to a new area on the eastern stretch of the area known as the "The Flattops".  After an extra hour in the car due to the holiday traffic on Friday we made camp just as the the sun went down.

I picked this area because it looked a little out of the way but still relatively close and it held endless opportunities to fish. Reservoirs and rivers in between were the ticket to the trip. I was only able to get on the water for about three hours each day but I made use of the that time catching a Colorado Slam: Rainbow, Brown, Brook and Cutthroat Trout.

Little guy....

Bear River


Wild Irises

The very green high country.

The girls being girls.....

til next time....

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Silk Line River Horse said...

Mmmm..... summer lovin! Looks like lots o' fun. Is there nothing more appealing than a brookie meadow? Were you on BLM land or National Forest? Looks pretty out in the rough, which is awesome of course. Beats the heck out of generators, hook ups and the Grey Hound bus depot camp sites. Way to get out there.