Sunday, July 25, 2010


In five weeks my upland season will begin. To celebrate the occasion the girls and I woke up bight and early to enjoy a great training session and a good swim.

After the training we went home to complete some yard yard work and then celebration continued with a DIY project on my truck. I added a raised platform in the bed on my truck. I now can fit two large kennels in the truck: either facing out of the tail gate or facing out the passenger side flip window. I kept the slide widow on the driver side to ensure proper air circulation for the pups.

In a few weeks I plan to install a Cargo Caddy to store the guns and gear. I'll really like this set up because I can always be ready to go for a quick hunt or training session. Another reason is because it was fairly in-expspensive to build and I can always disassemble it when need be. Not too mention that when it is all said and done this set up will be on the lighter side. So I'll keep saving $ for future 300 miles a day for day hunts!!

The girls love it!!

I placed several tie-downs eyelets on the platform to secure the kennels and gear.

til next time....


david said...

Well done Matt, looks like a real nice set-up!

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Nice way to utilize the extra space. Room for LOTS OF STUFF!

Phillip Ortiz said...

Is there room for Mollie when she heads out west to hunt with you?