Monday, August 16, 2010

Mia Time

With Abby away at training and the upland season only a few weeks away we've been focusing on Mia.
Walks in the evening, runs around the park and trips to the dog park are the ways we are getting Mia in shape.

Wet Dog!

Yes, I was "dog walking".

Head up high!!

Mia is a hard charging ESS when it comes to hunting wild birds. She's had a few injuries over the years so we are putting a little more attention into her conditioning. As you can see, she also loves the water!!

til next time....


David said...

Hey Matt - No shame in "dog walking" hahaha, I have to use the dog park once in awhile as well, when I'm in a pinch for time. Hope you, Mia and Abby have a healthy, productive season this fall!

Matt Ortiz said...

It's funny you say that. We really have to access out here for training. That park I was at the other was started for training dogs and has since truned into a "dog walkers heaven" . The state is going to fence it in and I don't blame them. The erosion is aweful. So if I don't go there I drive 80 miles one way to train!!So what I'm saying is that I miss the access that I had back east..

Silk Line River Horse said...

I'm sure Mia is enjoying the time alone with Mamma and Pappa. It looks like she'll be in great shape for the grouse opener. Only a couple of weeks away! Yippy! I assume Adam will have his dog back with enough time to get acquainted with it before he turns it loose on 50,000 acres of BLM, yes?

Silk Line River Horse said...

@matt, did you hear what they're going to do to the Chatfield dog park, shrink it by half (again)and impose a $20 annual dog park fee on top of the existing annual park fee? This is the second acreage shrinkage for training combined with a fee increase in eight years. You gotta love the DOW.

David said...

160 miles for a training run is quite a push. I often take the public access for granted out here in the East. Although the taxes are a killer here in NY, as you know. I guess it is worth the price of admission for what the State puts back into public lands and their management.