Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy to Report

I'm happy to report that our little girl Abby's training is coming along. Nichole and I made the trip to Tim DeGroff's High Prairie Farms where is Abby is for training. She was very excited to see us and maybe a little too excited. She was completely and total distracted during her training run. Every time Tim hupped Abby she turned to take a look at us. At one point she was so excited she broke from her run only to run back to us!! Not a big deal, she was just happy to see us.

After the training session we went back to the kennel where Tim has two litters on the ground. Don't worry, we're not looking to add another pup but it was fun to watch these little ones play. You can't beat this........


Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Nothing cuter than a kennel full of healthy, happy, puppies!

Moe Birds said...

Even over the Springsteen soundtrack my two girls went completely nuts over the puppy sounds off the YouTubevideo..LOL
Weird since neither have had pups and both are fixed, but my Mocha about grabbed the laptop speaker off my desk!?

..Looking forward to more great posts and pics of your doggys this coming season!


Matt Ortiz said...

Thanks Moe!

Same here and good luck!!