Thursday, September 2, 2010


For the past 5 years, on September 1st I have ventured to the Colorado high country in search of Dusky Grouse (formerly known as Blue Grouse). With every season that passes I always take something new to the next season. It seems that these birds are hard to figure out and they "are where they are". While this statement is true you can waste plenty of boot leather searching for these critters and you still could burn the leather when you are in the birds!

This season started out with a lesson that the birds where on the berries: service, choke cherry and goose. When we ventured away from the berries the flushes disappeared. Once we got back into the high mountain berries the birds were plentiful.

We had a hefty crew of 5 guns for this opener. Everyone had action and we took 9 birds on the first day. The second day only 3 guns remained and we ventured to a new area that I discovered last week.  The new covert brought a limit of 9 for us.

I was particularly impressed with Mia. She had great stamina and hunted both days from start to finish. I was also impressed with Rick's two Black Lab's. Between the three flushing dogs that were in the field I was positive that we were covering each cover thoroughly and that every downed bird would be recovered.

The proverbial tailgate shot!

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Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Nice Opener Guys! Here in NW Montana, Dan and Micheal have come home 2 days in a row with nothing. I don't remember this EVER happening before. We had the third wettest, coldest spring in history. Lost a lot of chicks. Glad you guys are enjoying a good hatch.

Michael M. said...

Congrats to you and your team, Matt. You killed more grouse in two days than I'll find all season.

But it won't stop Gordie and me from looking ;-)

Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Looks like a great way to start the Colorado blue grouse season!

Matt Ortiz said...

sounds like you are having tough one up there. You might have to travel a bit like I do to get into the birds.

Just think 20 yrs ago we had ruffed grouse #'s like that in Upstate NY, we sort of.

How was the Flattops?

I'll be back at it again this week!

Dual Setters said...

Congrats on a good opener and great pics.