Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Abby's Home

Today I picked Abby up from the trainers after 8 weeks of steady training. And steady she is!

I took her out for a run and she was slightly confused when I walked her to the line. She kept looking at Tim who was gunning for me. Once I sent her off she quickly responded to my commands and settled into a nice pattern. After a few flags she hit the scent of the first planted pheasant. Once she sorted out the scent she blew threw the brush and up came a hen pheasant. Tim let the bird get out and downed it with one shot. Since Abby was steady on the flush and gun and I sent her on the retrieve. 

She duplicated this performance on the second plant. After seeing her performance today I was excited to finally run her as a finished spaniel.  As we move forward there are few things that I'll need to work on and they are all handler related!

We'll be training for the next three to get her more exposure to birds before we let her go on the wild ones. It sure is gong to be nice to finally rotate the girls throughout the day.

til next time....


JimK said...

Sounds great, Matt! Now you're gonna need a bigger freezer!...chuckles

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Can't wait to see Abby with a bunch of birds. Sounds like she's on her way.