Sunday, October 17, 2010

Great Day for Training

Sometimes the weather can make a great day better and today was one of those days.  With less than a month to go before the pheasant opener, it's time for the last push to finish the girls' conditioning and sharpen up their bird finding skills.

Hunting and training buddy, Adis, and his wife, Aida, headed up to the training grounds to enjoy the beautiful day. Aida carried the camera and she took some amazing shots of the dogs.

For Mia, it's just about maintaining her progress from the grouse season, but Abby is a whole different story.  Since she just arrived back from two months of training this was only my second day running her.  Like any new toy,  all you want to do is to play with it all day and every day! But you definately don't want to break it. And I definately don't want to ruin any of her training.  She had two good runs today, I had about half of that. I missed a few opportunities to advance her training but I'm happy with the day's progress.

In this video you'll see Abby steady to flush and the gun. She stuck a medium/far retrieve.

Mia steady on a rooster.

 This was a great sequence of Adis's dog Oreo smoking out a rooster.
One of the best springer action photos ever!

Zoe the speed demon!
Abby smoking out a hen pheasant!

Here's another great find and flush sequence by Oreo!
It truly was a great day of training made by good friends and great dogs.

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Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

And beautiful photographs! Really beautiful Matt.

David said...

The girls look great Matt! Photos are stunning as well. Your Pheas. opener will be here before you know it. Fishing has been pretty solid. Give me a shout if you head east this year.

Silk Line River Horse said...

impressive dog work Matt. Can't wait to see them in action this season. I hear you and Adam have been laying waste to the ducks this past week.

Dave said...

Abby is looking like a finished trial dog. Ready to go. Nice
That one photo is the best springer photo ever. Hands down.

Matt Ortiz said...

Thanks Karen.

David, I won't be in NY this fall but I am going to Central PA for Thxgiving. I'll be able to hunt and fish some great streams like Penn's, Spruce and Yellow Creeks.

It's going to be nice to rotate the girls through out the day.

I had great help along the way. But there is still more work to do.

JimK said...

Wow Matt! What a great showing! And, those photos! All I can think of to say is, "WOW!"

Outdoor Blogger Network said...

We hope this is all right....but Abby's picture was highlighted on the Outdoor Blogger Network today. She's beautiful!

hodgeman said...

Awesome action shots! Very nice.