Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ruffed Up Road Trip

I was hoping that this post was going to be all about the grouse hunting glory from our road trip to Central Pennsylvania.  Instead, I report that both of my girls are going under the knife to repair some hunting injuries.

As I reported earlier, Mia came up lame on the opening day of our pheasant season and was given two weeks of rest.  I was preparing for the worst and hoping for the best with this, but I knew that it wasn't good that she wasn't getting better. It's not good as she'll be getting TPLO surgery to repair her ACL. So she'll be out of action for the rest of this season.

To make matters worse, Abby developed a strange lump/bruise on her side after grouse hunting this weekend.  I did an inspection of her and could not figure out a cause. The lump was definately filled with fluid and began to grow.  So after Mia was diagnosed with her injury and resulting surgery, Abby was going to go under the knife to repair some sort of hernia.

While writing this post, our vet called to tell us that Abby is doing well after her surgery. The vet also explained that a small puncture caused this hernia!  From what he could tell, a stick or giant thorn went into her side at her last rib and punctured the muscle in her stomach area to cause the hernia. It was almost 5 inches away from the small puncture on her skin to the puncture in her stomach muscle.

I know, I'm trying to figure this one out, too.  But Abby will be out for at least 4 weeks.

Our trip to Pennsylvania turned out to be a great time. We were able to visit a few of our Colorado pheasant covers before we started the rest of our 22 hour drive.  Once we arrived in PA, I was able to hook up with fellow blogger Rick Grimes from Allegheny Mountain Wanderings.  Rick was able to put us on some great cover that produced a few birds. While in the area I was able to stop by the Lion County Supply Store where I handled a few nice SxS's and picked up some dog supplies.

Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Colorado Rooster

Pennsylvania Rooster!

Looks like another hunter got here before me.

Little Girl

til next time...


Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

I can't believe that an injury like that didn't take Abby out! But then, that's a bird dog for you! Hope the both girls will be okay soon.

Jim Kingsland said...

So sorry to hear about the girls, Matt. Sure hope they'll come out of it all to a full recovery. Know what they mean to you!

Greyphase said...

So sorry to hear about Abby. These dogs of ours go all out in their search for
game. Given the thick covers they bull their way through I guess it's a miracle that their not injured much more. I know Mia and Abby will be getting the best of care, here's hoping for a speedy recovery for both of them.

Enjoyed our time together in the field even though we weren't able to put any birds in the game bag. Maybe on your next trip east we'll have better luck and shoot straighter :).

Gary Thompson said...

I'm very sorry to hear of the girls having to take the remainder of the season off. That just stinks! Better to let them recover though. I'm sure the puncture will heal just fine and I know the ACL is a piece of cake, given the right time to heal.

I just feel bad for you as I know you've put so much effort into getting them both in top form for this season.

Ah that just sucks! You're welcome to join the idiot and me anytime you'd like. We're going on Friday if you'd like to come along.

danontherock said...

Sorry to hear about your two dogs injuries. I have an idea as to how you feel. 7 or 8 years ago I was in the middle of bird season with 3 dogs out with injuries.I couldn't believe it at the time.
Hope they heal up soon


Matt Ortiz said...

Thanks All.

Abby is recovering and almost back to her normal goofy self. If her recovery goes smoothly we should be back chasing some roosters after the new year.

Mia has her surgery on the 16th.

As for me, it was a downer to have booth out but my work is crazy right now. So my focus is on that while Abby recovers.