Sunday, June 27, 2010


My first attempt at growing garlic has turned out to be somewhat successful. The bulbs are bit on the small side but it looks like they will be able to spice up a few dishes.

More to harvesting to come.

til next time....

Saturday, June 26, 2010


So Nichole and I made a big, long awaited and bold move today. We decided that life was too short to sit in front of a TV so we got rid of our cable. All we have left are a crappy 12+ year old TV, a DVD player and our wireless Internet modem. So from here on in: books, rented movies and our computers are the entertainment. There's more to life and I have a laundry list a "to do's" around the house so now is the time. Then you add in the training and condition season for the dogs, the summer dry fly action, camping and just plain old living in Colorado! So I guess the question I have is why did it take so long?   And to boot, in two months the dogs and I will be salivating over the impending upland hunting and trialing season!!!

So to coin a phrase from the restaurant industry.....Cable is 86'd!! 

Sunday, June 20, 2010


My wife Nichole and I have been big fans of camping whenever we get the chance to get out in our great state of Colorado. We try and find places within three hours of Denver. Our camping has evolved, and will continue to evolve, as we venture out in the back country. Starting with the "pre set" campsites we would always look forward to the trip until some sort of community camping turned the trip sour. Now we tend to explore areas in which we have never been and find the best campsite possible. Most of the time these campsites usually hold elk and deer hunters in the fall.  Who knows what's next, maybe a nice durable, convenient and versatile Jumping Jack Trailer to make the next step in our camping evolution. When we camp I always try to wet a line as much as Nichole and the dogs will let me. Usually that's just a few hours at the most but I was able to get some quality time on the water.

Camp site


High Mountain Lake
One of my all time favorite bumper stickers!!

I've never had good success fly fishing on lakes but this day I was able to land a few fish. Including this nice brown that put up a nice little fight.

til next time...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finding the time to fit it all in

That's what I've been doing lately to fit in as much training as possible. Finding the time to fit in a few drills or to give Abby a good run whenever possible. Whether it be first thing in the morning, just before dark or anything in between. It's slow progress but it's progress on the foundation building while steadying  a spaniel....hup. Hup means up hup and she's learning that she has to hup whenever or where ever it may be.

We took some time on Monday to fit in a longer training session at a local dog park that was originally intended for training sporting dogs. Over time the original intention slowly went to the dog...walkers. I can go on and on about this one but I'll save it for another day.

After a few runs while working on the hup training we headed over to join the "walkers" and let the girls cool down in the water.

I was very impressed with Abby's delivery to hand while retrieving in the water. She previously would drop the dummy to shake off the water. But now the "hold" command is teaching her to hold the dummy and eventually the bird until I say "give". It's amazing how tennis balls can screw up a dogs retrieving and delivery. But like I said before I can spend a few hours on that one but at least I now know better.
We were back on the training grounds on Wednesday morning and after we put our work in for the day I decided to put some much needed time on the water.
Before I knew it I was on the cool water in Cheesman Canyon. I made the trip with a few long time fish buddies Adam, his dad Denny and Matt. I would call the 5 hours that we fished there more quality and quantity!!!

It was big fish Wednesday!!!

I caught and landed my personal best Colorado trout.
A 4 llb (at least) Cutbow

A nice Rainbow caught by Matt

Adam even horsed in a few nice Rainbows!!!

Great day to fit it all in!

til next time....