Sunday, January 16, 2011

Still Trying

My 10 year old nephew, Ben, is brand-spanking-new to hunting.  He has about four pheasant hunts to his career.  All of those hunts have taken place in the last six weeks and he's trying like mad to take his first wild pheasant.  No stocked birds for this kid.  He's doing it the hard way!  So far no birds have fallen to his 20 gauge, 870 Youth Pump Gun, but it's not from the lack of trying.

Today we ventured out to our favorite Eastern Colorado pheasant covers in search of his first bird.  We hit the covers hard.  But mother nature brought a nice warm spell to help make these crafty birds even craftier!

About an hour into our first hunt, Ben and I both cleanly missed a tight-holding rooster.  I thought to myself that might be a great start to the day.  About 6 hours and many miles later, I was quickly proven wrong as no birds fell from Ben's gun.  But don't worry, we'll keep trying to get Ben his first bird.

Whitetail Shed found on the prairie.
til next time....

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Gary Thompson said...

Awesome photo of the strapping young lad. We're all pulling for him! We need to have a group seance and prey for snow.