Sunday, January 30, 2011

That's a Wrap

Not much to say after I finally finished our Upland season here in Colorado.  My last hunt was action packed just like the first hunt of the season back in September.  The scenting conditions were great due to a frosty fog that helped the dogs track down the late season runners.  The fog also helped keep the birds within range.  We were able to scratch down a few birds but like many times before, we should have had a few more.

So it's 7 months before we chase wild birds again but it will only be 6 days before I hit the training fields.  Abby is is need of some serious re-training to get ready for the late spring field trials.

Frosty morning.
Is it true that this is our last hunt for the season?
Brian and Huck
Adis with Oreo, Myself with the girls and Brian and Huck.

til next time...

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BigZ said...

The fun is about to begin again !!!!