Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post Holing

This past weekend I was "back East" visiting family and had one free day to hunt.  My brother and I ventured out into depths of a Western New York winter in search of some late season Ruffed Grouse.  The weather somewhat cooperated as we hit the woods behind Phil's ESS, Mollie.  I say somewhat because while there wasn't 5 ft of snow on the ground, there were two layers of snow: one crusty and old and one fresh and light.  This made for a hard hunt.  As the diehards know, we "post holed it."  We hit several covers over the late morning but it seemed the desolate woods wouldn't produce as we worked hard to go only a few hundred yards.  Maybe we weren't in the right covers for the late season, but we were in good cover that only a few months earlier had produced birds.  We didn't mind that no birds were taken or even flushed, I guess that's how we grouse hunters are, we're just happy to be out of the house.

Rocket Ship Mollie

Planted Red Pines: a true sign of a New York State Land.

The Cabin still stands!

An Amish sleigh ride anyone?

Good looking fall cover.

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Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Love the photos!

LRR said...

Why no snow shoes, Matt? That might have been what kept you out longer. W. NY gets some serious snow. I was in the Catskills where the snow wasn't bad, but boy was it windy.

Greyphase said...

The "post holing" comment brought back memories of when I was a "young buck" and the snow was never deep enough to keep me out of the woods. Glad to see that you got out with your brother even if the grouse did not cooperate. That's why it's call grouse huntin' not grouse killin'.

Michael M. said...

Some friends of my refer to cover such as the planted red pines as a biological desert.

Too bad we have so much of that kind of "forest" around here.

Matt Ortiz said...

Snow shoes would have helped. We thought that the recent thaw would have knocked down the snow a bit.

Half way through the last cover I thought to myself that this is nuts!

It is too bad that NYS went nuts on that type of planting!