Thursday, March 3, 2011


In exactly two weeks Abby and I are entering into the world of AKC Licensed Spaniel Field Trials.  We have been working extremely hard in preparation for this.  As I prepare, the thought of the unknown can play some serious mind games with you.  Since I'm a newcomer to the sport, I'm trying to visualize every scenario that might be in store for us.  From the drive to the grounds, to preparing the evenings meals, to the million different variables that a trial can hold and even what to wear.  I'm trying to visualize it all but the only thing I can see is me putting on my socks. Oh well, I still have two weeks to get this straightened out. Hopefully by then, I'll have more than just my socks on.

til next time...


Ado said...

Those better be your "Lucky" socks ;)
Don't worry too much you and Abby will have a great time.

adamalf said...

Nice post Matt...good job Abby!