Friday, April 15, 2011

New Food

So the girls are getting a taste of their new food. Nothing against their old brand but I don't think they were getting enough energy out of it.  This was especially true last month at Abby first field trail.  She was in great shape but tired somewhat quickly. After seeing the drop in energy, I reviewed the nutritional facts and  found out that the food only had 14% Crude Fat. In my mind way too low for very active ESS.  So the hunt was on for a new feed for the girls. We wanted a premium brand that had a good balance of protein and fat.
After a few recommendations we found the Acana brand of food. We decided to go with their newest product, the Ranchlands formula.  The best part of the Acana brand dog food, is that it is grain free.  The Ranch ands formula has Beef, Lamb and Buffalo as it's main meet ingredients. Other ingredients include: blueberries, hearing, cranberries and salmon. What a great list of ingredients, if only we ate as good.  Let's hope that this switch will work out for the better.

So if you haven't figured it out yet, we do spoil our girls.

til next time....

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