Saturday, July 9, 2011

Such is Life

We're less than two months from the start of our upland season and I'm back down to one dog.  While on hike over the 4th of July holiday, Mia tore her ACL on her right and previously uninjured leg.  Prior to this injury, we were devoting so much time and effort to her conditioning.  She was swimming and training with days off in between to rest her legs.  Her conditioning was coming along and she was even on a handful of training birds.

Was this injury bound to happen, maybe, maybe not? 

I'm confident that she'll make a full recovery but she won't be able to chase wild birds again this season.  Maybe next year, maybe not.  At this point we are more worried about her recovery as our pet.  I'm looking to the near future to make a good rehab and then in the long term to make sure she has the best quality of life as possible.  It's not unheard of to have a sporting dog with 2 TPLO surgeries running around the uplands.   She'll most likely have stronger knees after this second surgery than she did before these injuries. 

Mia's second favorite, after hunting, snuggling!

til next time...


Greyphase said...


So sorry to hear of Mia's injury. I know your as "Dog Crazy" as I am and how heart breaking it is to have an injured dog. Me and the "girls" will be pulling for Mia's recovery. Please keep us informed on her progress.


LRR said...

That sucks, Matt. Sorry to hear it. Take good care of the girl. She knows somethings wrong, too, and wants nothing more than to get better and put on a performance for you. And she will. Good luck with her recovery, and the up coming hunting and trialing season.

Anna said...

I hope Mia's doing better. I found your blog through a link on Gordon Setter Crossing and noticed that you hunt pheasant here in Colorado. That must be a challenge! My husband was so disappointed with the number of pheasants when we moved to northern CO. He was used to hunting his family's land in southern ND and reaching his limit within the first half hour :) Happy hunting!

Matt Ortiz said...

Thanks Anna,

Mia is doing fine. She had her second TPLO knee surgery last week and is healing well. Tell your husband that the pheasant hunting gets better the closer your are to the CO/KS/NE border.