Sunday, November 20, 2011


 These are a few hunting photos of my Dad circa 1964.  My Mom found some old slides and and them converted to photos.  Until very recently I didn't know these images even existed.

 This is my Dad and his family's dog Missy, she was a lab/spring mix.  I'm guessing that his quarry was a few pheasants and a rabbit.  Rough shooting at it's best. 

 This a photo of my Dad and his famed "6 Pointer" that he jumped next to the old railroad tracks behind our cabin.  Legend has it that this buck tipped the scales well over 200 lbs.  I grew up mesmerized by this deer's rack and hoped that I could one day repeat the feet of a deer like this. 

til next time....

Thursday, November 17, 2011


One of the birds that Abby and I scratched down today had white spurs.  The bird also had some great plumage to go along with the "Ivory" spurs.  

It was a fun day chasing birds on the prairie.  We were able to scratch down a few birds while hunting in a new area.

til next time.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Tracking....that's the word that I'll take away from CO 2012 Pheasant Opener.  To be exact, Abby's ability to track a running pheasant.  I first saw Abby's talent on last year's pheasant opener.  While hunting Abby runs a quality wind pattern and when she hits a scent cone she'll usually flush whatever enticed her nose.  But when that bird is on the run, her gate and pattern changes as she puts her heads down in pursuit of those wily birds.  It's a distinct gate that puts a stamp that she's on a runner.  It truly is a sight to be seen.  This past weekend was different from last year.  The change?  When she went off on a track, she stayed honest and produced a bird 100% of the time.  Trust your gundog?  You bet!

til next time....