Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Throwing in the Towel

It's hard to believe that I'm calling the official end to my upland season.  Yes, there are three full weeks of our Pheasant season but sometimes you know when to call it.  Why you ask?  With out getting into details the girls are going to have a baby brother here in just a few weeks. 

This past season has been a good one.  Bird numbers were slightly down and Mia was on the shelf so it's really hard to say this was the best ever.  The shinning light on this season was the consistent and good dog work put on by little girl, Abby.  

In the meantime, we'll be hitting the training fields as much as we can in preperation for the spring trial season.  But for now, the towel is tossed and the waiting game begins.

Here are a few photos from my last hunt.

Ben and Pete getting ready

"Children of the CRP"



Pete and Ben
til next time...


Trey said...

Congrats on a good season. It's always a sad time for me when the season for chasing wings has ended. Good luck with the trials!

Greyphase said...

Will be looking forward to seeing pics of your new hunting partner. Give the girls (Abby & Mia) an ear rub from me.