Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back in Action

It's been 21 months since Mia has hunted wild birds.  Both of her knees have been reconstructed with in a 9 month period.  The last surgery was about a year ago so she's had a full year of rest and recovery.  She's been in the training field since last March and it's been going well.  We've seen some soreness in her left leg right after some intense runs but she always recoups within a day.  

Yesterday was our first run at wild birds with the opening of the Dusky Grouse season.  I was a little apprehensive watching her crash through the mixed sage and aspen.  Within a short time of sun up we were in birds.  Her intensity went higher with each covert we hunted.  Mia hunted like she only knew how, fearless.

Each covert we hunted had birds in them but not like in the past.  Numbers of grouse are defiantly down in this area due to the recent drought.  The lack of berries showed how dry it was in this area.

Each of the guns had a brace of birds to their credit with many more birds escaping to live and prosper for another day.  We called it a day at 11am as the heat of the day set in.

This hunt was one of the most relaxing and fulfilling hunts that I have ever experienced.  Was it from good dog work? Was it from great camaraderie? Was it because Mia was finally back in action?  Was it because it's finally fall?  Yes, all of the above. 


Grouse Egg Shell


Adam and Pete preparing for the next day's hunt.

Home for the night.

Sun coming up on a new day and season.

Ben with his brace of Grouse.

The preferable "tailgate" shot.

Mia is still the boss.
  til next time...

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north west wing shooter said...

good on you for not giving up on your dog! I know from experience that the first hunt after a major surgery can be extremely nerve wracking until the relief of knowing you did the right thing takes hold.
good job on the grouse too, that las pic is great.