Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Sunrise

My Sundays are always mixed with a little bit of hunting, training and working.  For some reason it's one of my most inconsistent and busiest days of the week.  One we week I'll be working and the next week I'll be driving up to a group training session.  No matter what the day calls,  I'm always listening to one of the best collaborations of music on KBCO with the Sunday Sunrise morning music program.  It's the right music for the day. 

til next time...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Living Vicariously

With my self-imposed conclusion of the current upland season, I've been extremely jealous of those who are still chasing birds until the season closes next week.  But that envy quickly turned to pride as I learned my 11 year old nephew, Ben, took his first wild rooster last weekend.  Ben has been steadfast in the pursuit of his first rooster.  The current conditions and bird populations have not made this quest any easier.  In the end, Ben was not only able to take his first bird, he quickly followed his feet with the second bird of the day.

A day's brace
So here's to living vicariously through an eleven year old.  His passion for the sport has made his family proud.

Congratulations Ben on your first of many birds to come!

til next time.....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Throwing in the Towel

It's hard to believe that I'm calling the official end to my upland season.  Yes, there are three full weeks of our Pheasant season but sometimes you know when to call it.  Why you ask?  With out getting into details the girls are going to have a baby brother here in just a few weeks. 

This past season has been a good one.  Bird numbers were slightly down and Mia was on the shelf so it's really hard to say this was the best ever.  The shinning light on this season was the consistent and good dog work put on by little girl, Abby.  

In the meantime, we'll be hitting the training fields as much as we can in preperation for the spring trial season.  But for now, the towel is tossed and the waiting game begins.

Here are a few photos from my last hunt.

Ben and Pete getting ready

"Children of the CRP"



Pete and Ben
til next time...