Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I had a feeling

Like many other fishermen and hunters I always have visions of grandeur as a hunt or trip approaches.  I day dream of the pursuit and ponder the success of the take.  But the weeks and days before this recent hunt I truly had a feeling that my hunt would be successful.  At this point in my outdoor life a successful hunt is not always measured in the size of the trophy or how fast the limit was taken.  A successful hunt is one that brings a lasting memory and sets precedent for future hunts.

It's always nice to fill a tag but it's especially nice to fill a tag with purpose and meaning.  The purpose you ask is the bountiful meat that will be brought to the tables of those who shared in this hunt.  The meaning was evident to me as I knelt down next to the harvest and thought of what brought me to this place and time.  There were many memories and thoughts in those few seconds.  Overwhelmed by the moment I thought back to the feeling in which I had prior to this hunt.  The feeling of success brought a smile to my face as I shed the emotion of the moment.

til next time...