Friday, November 1, 2013

Elk Hunting with Dad.

A friend found a few videos from an elk hunt in 2007.  This was my Dad's first and only big game hunting trip to Colorado.  This shows the lighter side of a hunting camp and the humorous side of my Dad.
 I often think of my Dad this time of year during hunting season.  Nothing brought more joy to him than being in hunting camp.  I'll treasure this video as it might be only one of him at hunting camp.

Side Notes:  I should probably clarify my Dad's "Attica" comment.  He was a NY State Trooper at  the time of the Attica prison riot and worked there in few assignments throughout his career. 
The "propane" reference was from when he took a nap in the camper that day and the propane hose was leaking.  

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