Saturday, October 4, 2014

Partial Thoughts

It's been almost a year since I've last posted on this blog.  Not for the lack of trying though.  I started this blog more as a journal than a daily update or bantering about my outdoor life.  But with everything in life, life does get in the way from time to time.  I have a few posts that I never could find the words to finish and I have many more that I could not get the opening sentence done.  Call it writers block or call it the lack of something meaningfully to say.  I call it partial thoughts as to look as the glass is half full rather than half empty.

I've been out fishing, upland hunting, big game hunting, dog training and field trials over the past year.  I had stories to tell but with no words to portray my adventures.  But such is life so to get back on track I'll post a few pictures to hopefully tell the stories.


Abby waiting to get called to the line.

Rifle Season


Hard earned birds

Brace of grouse

Steel City Conservation Club



Happy Seby and Happy Momma

Seby and his first fish..sort of.

Elk Camp
til next time...


Mark Coleman said...

Keep posting photos, I'll write the stories in my head. That shot of Mia is stellar.

Scott in PA said...

Matt - Enjoyed reading of your adventures. I'm living a mildly parallel life in central PA with kids, dogs, too many hobbies, and a poorly tended blog. As a former Colorado resident(Fraser and Crested Butte), I love to see the view from out West. Keep the good stuff coming as time permits. Feel free to commiserate/co-celebrate at

All the best,