About Me

Like many that follow this blog or who have stumbled upon these pages I, like you, love to hunt.

For as long as I can remember hunting has been a central figure in our family’s life.

My paternal grandfather, who passed 10 years before I was born, hunted. My father hunts, my older brother hunts, my extended family of cousins hunt and some of my closet friends hunt.

My so called Upland Odyssey started long before by birth in the fall of 1975. It started with the above mentioned.

The pages you read in this blog talk about English Springer Spaniels, Upland Game, Waterfowl, Big Game and Trout fishing. Those topics are what kept me up at night as a kid reading outdated issues of Field and Stream, Outdoor Life and Fur, Fish and Game. As a child growing up in Buffalo, NY I dreamed of the day when all I had was a good dog,  a 16 gauge shotgun, a fly rod and a truck to take me to those far away places in those magazines. Well, I have all of that and then some but I still read the magazines and books about adventures that capture my imagination.

To this day I still dream about the memories of my youth hunting with my dad and brother. Some of my greatest days a field where at my dad’s hunting club land in Angelica, NY. The old farm house turned hunting camp hosted many of days a field. Whether it was driven deer hunts, jump shooting wood ducks or busting brush in search of ruffed grouse. In those days, as it is now, we only followed Springers. First it was Trooper, then Babe, then Kayla and now we follow the likes of Mia, Abby and Mollie.  Sometimes it truly is about the dogs and most days it is only about them.

My hunting interests have evolved through the years. First it was Whitetail deer with a gun and then with a bow, to waterfowl, to turkeys, to pheasants, to grouse, back to big game for both deer and elk, and now back to upland birds.

These days my hunting has expanded into the field of training our springer’s to be trial field grade  dogs.  Since I have taken this next step I have learned so much about the dogs, the gunning and the game we pursue. This education has helped to slow everything down and to better enjoy my days afield.

Hunting and fishing are my passions and they are made even better by my wife, Nichole, who gives a few passes to pursue these interests. She also happens to love our dogs and the game once it graces out table.

So you have it about me. I’m sure that over time my pursuits in the outdoors will change but for now it’s all about my our time in the uplands and all about my girls: Nichole, Mia and Abby.