Our Dogs

South York's Mia Mi Amor "Mia"
Mia is a currently 6 years old and is in her fifth hunting season. She a hard charging spaniel. She's my first dog that I was fully able to train and I've learned so much from her. Much of my education came from the book of what not to do but we made up many of the shortfalls with good old fashion hard work and plenty of time in the training fields.

From mountain grouse to waterfowl to pheasants Mia can do it all. One of my favorite attributes of Mia is when she hits a sent cone of cock pheasant. She lights up and her expression says that the bird is right here! And it usually is! Mia is a somewhat finished dog. She's rock steady in the training field but once she sees a wild bird go down she might be steady or she might not be. I think she's chased too many running roosters to trust them! I can call her off a bird if she chases but I don't mind because a wild bird finding machine and will never give up on a retrieve. 

At home Mia is a soft affection seeking dog. You would never know that she is tenacious as she is in the field if you saw her in our house. It's all about her getting her love from us.

Over the last year Mia, unfortunately, has had two (that's right, 2) torn ACL's. The first, her left leg, was injured on the opening morning of the 2010 Pheasant season. She recovered from the suquential TPLO surgery only to injury her right leg only 8 months later. That leg too was repaired with the same TPLO procedure.  Mia's on the mend and we'll be back in the training fields in the spring of 2012. 

South York's Abigail Abby Sue "Abby"

Abby is a three year old female that is about to entering her first hunting season. I took my time with Abby's training. I wanted to avoid all the mistake that I made with Mia. I did but I also made a few new ones with Abby. Since I was having so much fun with training dogs I decided when Abby was a pup that I wanted to enter her into the field trial game.  So far I've entered Abby in 6 ametuer field trial stakes. While Abby had preformed well it is I, that needs to be entered in more trials. It's easier than it looks but it's an amazing rush to handle a dog in a trial.  We've never made it to the third series but with more runs we get the hang of it. 

Abby is very fast smooth running dog that has a great nose and even better marking ability. I've learned that she is a very smart dog that can read me like a book. I'm very excited to have her in the field this fall and can't wait to rotate fresh dogs throughout the day. I think it's going to help both dog stay healthy longer.

In the house Abby is the the goofiest dog. She's very playful and she still acts like a puppy. She's also very independent little dog. She's quite content to sit on her chair in the sun room and look out the window for hours.